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We are experts in this industry with years of experience. What this means is you are going to get the right solution.

Investment Management

We create low-cost, globally diversified business investments built around products that are readily accessible and profitable.


Having issues with expenditure? Having issues with planning an expected income Or trying to setup a budgetary control system? We help our clients keep track of their finance.

Business Advisory

Our business advisory service is tailored to our client’s needs. Some of our services includes: Financial Analysis | Business Reports | Industry Comparison Reports | Companies SWOT Analysis.

We custom-design investment plans with the objective of tailoring our
strategy to your specific goals, risk tolerance and time horizon.

We create low-cost, globally diversified business investments built around products that are
readily accessible and profitable, with monthly returns on investment.

Investment Product:

ADDY FOREX:  Invest as low as $100 dollars and enjoy monthly returns on investment. The foreign exchange market also called
Forex or currency market is considered to be the largest financial market in the world. With its unique characteristics and
properties it makes an attractive market for investors who want to optimize their profit.
Forex is highly regulated and highly liquid. The Forex market is open 24 hours every working days and the biggest
in the world of finance. We are experts in trading currency pairs, money management, risk management and good trading strategy.

Our budgeting service serves both individuals and corporate clients.
With our ADDYBUD, our clients get a first-hand and unique budgetary control experience.
This product helps our clients in fund management and prepares them for what is to come and how to mitigate risk.

We review economic and industry trend analysis with associated key business factors to help facilitate efficient process transformation,
development of financial performance goals, enhance corporate accountability and highlight areas for improvements.
Presently, we have two Business Advisory products our clients can key into:
ADDYFP:   This service is tailored on financial planning. We proffer solutions and assist
our clients in planning and securing their financial future. READ LESS
ADDYREPORTS:   Our AddyReports give clients an edge in the economy, starting from which
banker you tend to bank with to economic analysis and reports on any nation of your choice. READ LESS